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Own Your Mistakes and Sins
We all mess up as dads. We all fail at times, whether it’s anger, harsh words, or things we say to our spouse or someone else in front of our kids. Be intentional about owning your mistakes and apologizing to your kids. They’ll see Jesus in your humility.

Spend Quality Time with Your Kids
It sounds cliché, but we’re all busy, and showing your kids that they are worth your time will go a long way in painting a clearer picture of God for them to see.

Let Them See Your Relationship with Jesus
Your kids will know, by watching, what’s important to you. Do they see you spending time with God? How would they answer if asked, “what’s really important to your dad?”

Discipline Them for Their Future
When our kids fail, as dads, we can discipline them with anger or with love. One is about us; one is about them. Be intentional about teaching them through their failures for the sake of their future.

Tell Them You Love Them
Make sure they know there’s nothing they can do to make you love them less and nothing they can do to make you love them more. Don’t assume they know how much you love them. Say it.

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