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Event Registrations

At Eagle’s Landing, we have many events which occur weekly, monthly and annually that you are invited to be a part of! Some of these events include: Camp323, Discover Class, Serve Saturdays, and more! (View a current listing of our events here). You can register for these events using Church Center:

  1. If you haven’t already, download/install the ChurchCenter app, or visit ChurchCenter online.
  2. Login to Church Center.
  3. To view our church events, use the bottom navigation to locate and click on the ‘Events’ button.
  4. Filter by campus or category to narrow your search for a specific event.
  5. To register for an event, select the event from the list and tap Register.
  6. Provide all of the requested information on the next page. If you’re registering for an event that requires payment, enter your payment information and complete the registration. A confirmation email will be sent to your provided email.
    1. Be sure to fill out any extra questions, view attached forms on the next page after you click the Register button if needed.
  7. To view your registered events, go to your photo or initials in the top right and if you’re on the app, scroll down towards the bottom and click on ‘Registration History’ or ‘My Registrations’ if you viewing Church Center on the web.
    1. If any of your registrations need more information, like a balance due or an attendee missing a form, a Needs attention button will be displayed beneath the registration.
  8. If you would like to Cancel your registration, then choose the registration you’d like to cancel and scroll to the bottom of the registration confirmation. Click cancel online in the Need help? section.
  9. If this registration was a paid event, a refund will not be issued automatically. If you need a refund, contact an administrator to request one.
    1. If you do not have the option to cancel your registration, contact the person listed in the Need help? section to cancel.

Please contact us if you have any problems or questions about how to install the app: