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Why We Give

We give because we are recipients of the most generous gift in history—the gift of Jesus Christ. We give joyfully out of the abundance He has given to us.
Give Online

Giving Online is a safe and easy way to invest in all God is doing at Eagle’s Landing.

Give Now
Church App

To give via the mobile app, log in to Church Center, then tap the Give button to access the donation form.

Setup to Give
Check or Cash

You can always give by check (made payable to Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church) or cash

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You can give anytime by texting the amount of your donation to 84321.

Setup Text2Give

Already have your accounts on PayPal? Use the link below and follow the instructions to Give!

Give Now

Best Way to Give Electronically


Electronic Bank Transfer




2.15% + $0.30


** Help our ministry dollars go further by covering the fees! (Learn more)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup online giving in Church Center?

Check out this video for an overview of the online giving process, and then read the rest of the article for more information.

Check out this article for more information on giving through our Church Center App.

How do I give my check or cash in-person?

Mail a Check

Mail to:
Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church
2400 Hwy 42 North
McDonough, GA 30253

Hand Deliver to the Church

  1. You can bring your tithes and offerings to our church office Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm.
  2. There is a dropbox located on each campus for after hours.
    McDonough Dropbox is located on the wall of the LifeCenter nearest the doors to the old coffee shop area. It is accessible from the courtyard.
    Griffin Dropbox is located in the wooden door under the drive-through covering.
  3. Place your tithes and offerings in the offering bucket during normally scheduled worship services.

How do I give using Text2Give?

Text2Give donors can initiate a donation by texting the amount of their donation to 84321.



When you initiate your first Text2Give donation, our system will respond with a message that includes a setup link. Tapping this link will take you to your mobile browser, and walk you through these steps:

  1. Find your church: Giving will use the donor’s geographical location and phone number to suggest churches nearby (within 20 miles). If your church is not listed, or the donor isn’t within the geolocation radius, they can search by your church’s address, city, or ZIP code, and filter results by Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church.
  2. Log in to your profile: After choosing a church, you will be asked to enter your name and email address to either create a new donor profile or log in to access your existing donor profile.
  3. Add or select a payment method: First-time donors can add a payment method to be used for this initial donation and future donations. Existing donors can log in to their profile to select a previously saved payment method.
  4. Submit the donation: Once you submit your donation, this will initiate that first donation and enable Text2Give for future use.

After setup, you can simply text your donation amount to 84321 to initiate an online donation.

Donors can only have Text2Give enabled with one organization at a time. If a donor has given via Text2Give to another church that uses Giving in the past, they must disconnect from that other organization before they can set up Text2Give with your church.


Giving to Different Funds

By default, Text2Give donations will go to your account’s Default Fund unless another fund is specified. Our default fund is: “McDonough Offering“. A donor can indicate a specific fund by appending the fund name after the donation amount. (For example: “$5 McDonough”)

Donors can also split donations between funds in a single text by listing the amounts and fund names for each fund. (For example: “$5 McDonough $6 Griffin”)


Account Management

Donors can update their Text2Give payment method or disable Text2Give from their donor profile.

  1. Access your profile from Church Center web.
  2. On your profile, click My Giving.
  3. In the Text2Give section, you can update your payment method or disable Text2Give.


You can also text ‘STOP’ to 84321 to disable Text2Give.

If you need to re-enable Text2Give and run into issues receiving Text2Give messages, text ‘START’ to ensure those messages are not being blocked by your carrier.

How do I give using PayPal?

Instructions for PayPal Giving…

Step 1 – Click “Donate” button above
Step 2 – Input the amount that you wish to give
Step 3 – Choose from the dropdown “Use this donation for…” McDonough Offering or Griffin Offering
Step 4 – Click “Donate with PayPal”
Step 5 – Login to your PayPal account with email address, then password
Step 6 – Confirm your amount and click “Donate Now”
You will receive a confirmation on your screen of the amount your donated.

How can I help cover the online processing fees?

Donors in the United States have the option to allow donors to cover the processing fees for their online donations. When enabled, donors can see the processing fee and choose to cover it by slightly increasing the amount of their donation.

ACH donations have no % fee. Each ACH transfer is charged a flat fee of $0.30.

Cover the Fee is available for online donations processed through the donation form or Church Center mobile app, but is not available when using Text2Give.