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Through our grade-specific small groups, kids build relationship while learning about God’s word and what it means to follow Him.





1st Grade

RM 309

2nd Grade

RM 311

3rd Grade

RM 317

4th Grade

RM 319

5th Grade

RM 321

(1st – 3rd begins with connection time in room 309.)



1st-5th grades


Who is it for?

Students in 1st-5th grades

When do they meet?

Sundays | 9:30-10:45am

Where do they meet?

  • 1st grade – rm 309
  • 2nd grade – rm 311
  • 3rd grade – rm 317
  • 4th grade – rm 319
  • 5th grade – rm 321
  • (1st – 3rd begins with connection time in room 309.)

How do the kids transition to Elevate?

Elevate, which is the kids gathering, meets after life groups. Their lifegroup teacher will take the group to the restroom then walk them to Elevate.

What are the goals of Grade School Lifegroups?

Lifegroups for kids are designed to help parents train up children in the ways of Christ.  We will teach them about God’s word and how it applies to their daily life, prayer scripture memory, all while building relationships with one another and with their leaders. Additionally, parents will be able to attend an adult lifegroup at the same time knowing that their child is learning in a clean, safe, and fun environment.

What curriculum is used?

We use The Gospel Project which is published by Lifeway. This program is a 3-year cycle through Scripture. Each lesson centers around a Big Picture Question and Answer which builds a sound doctrinal foundation. Each lesson also has a Christ Connection which helps kids see Jesus at the center of all Scripture.

What is security like?

All kids check in to Lifegroup in the kids lobby. Their classes are on the 300 hall and parents may deliver them there. At about 9:50, the hall doors are locked and access is restricted. At the end of lifegroup, classes are delivered by their teacher to Elevate or kids may be picked up by a parent with the security tag. Security personnel are present in the building and procedures for safety are in place.

Is food served during LifeGroups?

Food is not the norm in life groups, however, it may be served on occasion. We serve a treat for birthdays on the first Sunday of each month. Teachers may also bring snack for their class as well.

What if my child has food allergies?

If your child has food allergies, you may enter that in their medical notes in the church app and it will print on their tag. You should also speak with teachers and leaders about your child’s allergies so that we are aware. You may bring an appropriate snack for your child when needed.