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Wednesdays @ 6:30PM


1st – 5th Graders


300 Hallway

What is Saturate?

Saturate is our own homegrown program here at ELFBC. It has two major focus points: serving the Lord in all that we do, and developing Biblical literacy. Bible class and Choice class are the weekly components designed to meet these goals. There are also Worship nights and other special events each semester. Overall, it is a fun and creative way to learn about following Jesus.

During Bible class, the kids are learning about the chronological, overarching story of the Bible. We use Stick Figuring Through The Bible from Grapevine Studies as our curriculum. Students are learning Bible stories and drawing them as stick figures into their notebooks.

Each week there are memory verses and assignments for which students earn stamps. These stamps earn them prizes as they progress through the year. They are in the Bible class with their age group for half of the evening.

During Choice Class, students attend a class in a specific discipline. They are not only learning the basics of that activity, but Biblical principles, stories, and how to leverage that discipline for the sake of the Gospel. These classes are subject to change each semester. Some examples of classes we have offered are: art, drama, band, coding, cooking, stomp, dance, photography, construction, sewing, the farm, and many more. Students choose their class during Choice Fair at the beginning of the semester and stay with that class until the next semester.

The work and learning that students do is featured during the Worship Nights each semester. Depending on the class, the students will perform, feature their projects, or show pictures or video of their learning. We also review the Bible lessons, worship, and have a lot of fun!

Rewards are given for stamps earned.  Stamps are marked on a card that stays inside their binder.  As the kids earn stamps they earn prizes at different levels. Stamps can be earned in several ways.

  1. Bring your notebook
  2. Bring your Bible
  3. Attendance
  4. Weekly assignment
  5. Write the verse
  6. Recite the verse
  7. Recite the books of the OT
  8. Participate in the semester giving project

For students that earn 150 points, they will be invited to participate in the end of year reward trip. For the 23-24 year, the reward trip will be a Spend the Night at the Georgia Aquarium!! This overnight reward trip will take place on May 24-25. Parents are welcome to attend but must pay their entrance. Specific information will be given once your child has reached 150 points. Questions?

Class Offerings:

Art (1st-5th)
Drama (1st-5th)
Cooking (1st-5th)
Legos (1st-5th)
Sewing (1st-5th)
Fishing ($20 fee)
The Farm (1st-5th)
Coding (4th-5th)
Band (4th-5th; audition video by 1/16)Send band audition video